Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recent Reviews in Speculum

The medieval journal Speculum has recently begun publishing reviews of scholarship on filmic medievalisms. The latest include the following:

Kelly, Kathleen Coyne. Rev. Filming the Middle Ages. By Bettina Bildhauer. Speculum 87.2 (April 2012): 528-29. (web content)

Aronstein, Susan. Rev. Remaking the Middle Ages: The Methods of Cinema and History in Portraying the Medieval World. By Andrew B. R.  Elliott. Speculum 87.3 (July 2012): 867-68. (web content)

Both reviews offer insight into each study and position the author's work within the ever-growing corpus of scholarship on filmic medievalisms and the various practices they employ to (re-)create the medieval.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Still Getting Medieval on TV Update (At Last)

I am pleased to (finally) announce the details of our session for the 2013 International Congress on Medieval Studies:

Still Getting Medieval on Television: Medieval-Themed Television of the Twenty-first Century and Its Impact on Medieval Studies (Roundtable)
Organizer: Michael A. Torregrossa, The Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages

Presider: Suanna Davis, Abilene Christian University

Paper 1: Hybrid Medievalisms in Arthurian Romance and the Historical Evolution of the Genre from Print to Television
Kevin Teo Kia Choong, Nagoya University

Paper 2: When Bows Don't Bow: Sherwood and Camelot in Conflict
Elizabeth Bernhardt, Abilene Christian University

Paper 3: Kaamelott/Camelot on the Small Screen
Tara Foster, Northern Michigan University

Paper 4: Medieval Themes in the Contemporary Newsroom
Charlotte A. T. Wulf, Stevenson University

Paper 5: Medievalism in Television's Popular Series Once Upon a Time
Mikee Delony, Abilene Christian University