Sunday, August 11, 2013

Open Call Quarterly Review of Film and Video

A head's up from the MLA's Announcements of General Interest list:

Quarterly Review of Film and Video (QRFV) seeks new submissions on film, video, and moving-image studies. QRFV is devoted to providing innovative perspectives from a broad range of methodologies, including writings on newly developing technologies, as well as essays and interviews in any area of film history, production, reception, and criticism. The editors invite compelling, well-crafted essays on all aspects of film and the moving image—history, theory, and criticism—and welcomes essays on video games and video installations, the moving image in popular culture, and the ways in which the digital and filmic image now intersect in production, distribution, and exhibition. Also of interest are articles that explore the recovery of neglected films and issues arising from the digitization of the moving image, as well as interviews with directors, festival reports, and theoretical essays. QRFV regularly publishes 6–10-page book reviews. Potential reviewers should query the editors before undertaking a review. The editors also assign reviews. Submissions are accepted throughout the year; there is no deadline. The journal publishes five issues a year (four regular issues and one year-end special issue). Articles range from 20 to 35 pages in length, including notes and works-cited list, and may be in MLA or Chicago format. The complete guidelines for QRFV articles and reviews can be downloaded at The Transfer of Copyright Agreement, which must be downloaded, signed by the author, and submitted with each article or review, is at Send submissions to For more information, write or call the editors, Wheeler Winston Dixon and Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, Dept. of English, 202 Andrews Hall, Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln 68588-0333 (402 472-6064; fax: 402 472-9771).

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sinbad Marathon Today on Syfy

Syfy is airing a marathon of the new series Sinbad today. I saw the first episode and thought it had some promise (see teaser below and its Wikipedia page at ) but have not been able to catch the later episodes. The series, produced by British network Sky1, will be out on DVD and Blu-ray in the fall and can be viewed now on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

Here are the times and episode listings:

11:00 AM Sinbad, Season 1 : Pilot

12:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: Queen Of The Water-thieves

01:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: House Of Games

 02:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: Old Man Of The Sea

03:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: Hunted

04:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: The Siren

05:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: Homecoming

06:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: Kuji

07:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: Eye Of The Tiger

08:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: For Whom The Egg Shatters

09:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: Fiend Or Friend?

10:00 PM Sinbad, Season 1: Land Of The Dead