Monday, November 7, 2011

Chiller November 2011 Updated

As of at least today, this month's listings for Chiller are now accessible. They are more complete than usual (including details on all, instead of only some, series), but there is sparse medieval content this month, as follows:

Mon., 14 Nov.
10:00 A ET 
The Twilight Zone (1985): The Last Defender Of Camelot

Tues., 15 Nov.
09:00 A ET
Forever Knight: Dark Knight: The Second Chapter
10:00 A ET
Forever Knight: For I Have Sinned
11:00 A ET
Forever Knight: Last Act
12:00 P ET
Forever Knight: Dance By The Light Of The Moon
01:00 P ET
Forever Knight: Dying To Know You
02:00 P ET
Forever Knight: False Witness
03:00 P ET
Forever Knight: Cherry Blossoms

Wednes., 23 Nov.
12:00 P ET 
Monsters: Sleeping Dragon

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