Sunday, April 24, 2011

2010 Film & History Conference (Catching Up)

The 2010 Film & History Conference was held this past November and included a number of sessions of interest to medievalists:

Thursday, 11 Nov.
Session 2 (2:45-4:15 PM)

118‐Love, Sex, and English Royalty (Medieval Love and Sexuality in Film and Television Area)
No American Gigolo in Camelot: Medieval Love and First Knight
Molly Martin, McNeese State University
“That, my angels, is the role of sex in history”: Text vs Film for Eleanor of Aquitaine and Heloise
Gwenllian Meredith, United Arab Emirates University
“To love is to obey: Shakespeare’s Henry Vth
Vivienne Westbrook, National Taiwan University
What Women Want Most: Peter Cook’s Pythonesque Sign/Mime for Video Adaption
Carol Robinson, Kent State University

Friday, 12 Nov.
Session 1 (8:30-10:00 AM)
200‐ Medieval Heroes and Outlaws on the Big Screen (Medieval Love and Sexuality in Film and Television Area)
Making Merry Men Manly: Securing a Masculine Identity for Robin in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood
Thomas Rowland, Saint Louis University
“I Wanna Do Bad Things with You”: Guy of Gisborne and Sexuality in the BBC Robin Hood
Leah J. Larson, Our Lady of the Lake University
Fatherless Creatures: Parentage in Twenty‐first Century BeowulfFilms
Justin T. Noetzel, Saint Louis University

Session 3 (12:45-2:15 PM)

231‐Love at the End of Life
Paper 3 of 3: Truth and Falsity in the Name of Love: King Lear and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
Noel Sloboda, Penn State York

Session 5 (4:15-5:45 PM)
251‐Across Borders and Boundaries (Shakespeare in (and Out of) Love Area)
Paper 1 of 4: The Bard in Bollywood: Song‐Dance‐Romance in Macbeth‐Turned‐Maqbool
Samhita Sunya, Rice University
Paper 4 of 4: Speaking of Rosaline, Romeo is Out of Love
Howard Schmitt, School of Theatre, University of Southern California

Saturday, 13 Nov.
Session 2 (10:15-11:45 AM)

318‐Chastity and Pornography in Medieval Film (Medieval Love and Sexuality in Film and Television Area)
Love without Sex: Ladyhawke’s Exploration of Relational Love
Michael Elam, Saint Louis University
Belle Chose: Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse Gets Acquainted with the Wife of Bath
Christina Francis, Bloomsburg University
“Thilke that sownen into synne”: Solaasas Sentencein the Pornographic Chaucer
Tim Miller, University of Notre Dame
The Wooing of Olga: Choosing between Loves in Alexander Nevsky
Kathleen McDonough, SUNY‐Fredonia

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