Sunday, April 24, 2011

Film and Myth: Call for Area Chairs (8/1/11)

Film and Myth
CALL for AREA CHAIRS (organizers of multiple panels)
Deadline: August 1, 2011

The 2012 Film & History Conference (Sept. 26-30, Hyatt Regency, Milwaukee, USA) will examine the power of myth in film, television, and the other moving-image arts. As a collective pattern, myth transcends the individual, yet it provides structure to our most personal feelings and assumptions. It can be subtle or obvious, shallow or complex. It can move nations to attack each other—or to reconcile. It can induce affection or ridicule or longing. Myth operates somewhere between the waking consciousness of history and drowsy consciousness of mystery. Often it is both narrative and meta-narrative, trying to tell us what we know and how we might know it. And film is the most vibrant stage of mythmaking today. How do films exploit or succumb to certain myths? Why do audiences embrace one mythic pattern over another—in romance or tragedy or comedy? Who or what controls mythmaking in film and television? How do certain historical characters or events become legendary? How do they become mythic? What historical mutations have myths undergone in film? What myths are on the horizon?

Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal invites proposals to chair an area of multiple panels. Please send a brief description of your area (100-200 words) to by August 1, 2011.

The deadline to be listed on your Call for Papers will be August 1, 2012. There will be no rolling deadlines before that date. The areas listed below are suggestions; you are welcome to modify an area or to propose an area of your own.

Mythmaking and Marketing: The Money Trail On and Off the Screen
Storytelling 101: History or Mythology
Innocence and Experience: Children, the Elderly, and Myth
Naught-I Movies: Untangling Sex and Gender Myths
Myths R Us: Nationality in Film
Music, Motifs, and Mythmaking
Archetype and Ego Psychology in Film
Natives and Primitives: The Myths of Oral Cultures
The Classic Myths of Classical History on Film
Facing Race: Film, Television, and Myth
Dwelling on Myth: The City, The Suburb, and The Farm
Heroes and Villains: Iconography, Narrative, and Film
Marriage and Family Myths in Film
Mythologies of Travel in Film and Television
Literature, Genre, and Myth: Structures, Texts, Films
West/East: Hollywood/Bollywood
Crime and Punishment: Mythologizing the Law
Beast or Human: Animal Myths in Film and Television
Ecology Mythology: The Natural Environment on Film
Myths of Time: Future Myths, Mythic Futures
Chalk It Up to Myth: Education on Film
Mything God: Religious Desire in Film and Television
The Myths of Science and Scientists
Cowboy Mythology: Frontier Myths
Sir Dude and Madame Chick: Mythologizing Class in Film
Legend or Myth: Anthropological Entanglements in Film
Evil, Sin, Death, Doom: Mythologizing the Underworld in Film
Myth, Inc.: The Business World in Film and Television
Doctored Reality: The Myths of Medicine in Film

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