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Disney Middle Ages Contents

My thanks to Tison Pugh for the update:

The Disney Middle Ages: A Fairy-Tale and Fantasy Past

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Disney’s Retroprogressive Medievalisms: Where Yesterday Is Tomorrow Today
Tison Pugh

Part I: Building a Better Middle Ages: Medievalism in the Parks

2. Mapping the Happiest Place on Earth: Disney’s Medieval Cartography
Steve Yandell

3. Disney’s Castles and the Work of the Medieval in the Magic Kingdom
Martha Bayless

4. Pilgrimage and Medieval Narrative Structures in Disney’s Parks
Susan Aronstein

Part II: The Distorical Middle Ages

5. “You don’t learn it deliberately, but you just know it from what you’ve seen”: British Understandings of the Medieval Past Gleaned from Disney’s Fairy Tales
Paul Sturtevant

6. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Animation and Alchemy in Disney’s Medievalism
Erin Felicia Labbie

7. The Sword in the Stone: American Translatio and Disney’s Anti-medievalisms
Robert Gossedge

8. Walt in Sherwood, or the Sheriff of Disneyland: Disney and the Film Legend of Robin Hood
Kevin J. Harty

9. Futuristic Medievalisms and the U.S. Space Program in Disney’s Man in Space Trilogy and Unidentified Flying Oddball
Amy Foster

Part III: Disney Princess Fantasy Faire

10. “Where happily ever after happens every day”:The Medievalisms of Disney’s Princesses
Clare Bradford

11. Disney’s Medievalized Ecologies in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty
Kathleen Coyne Kelly

12. The United Princesses of America: Ethnic Diversity and Cultural Purity in Disney’s Medieval Past
Ilan Mitchell-Smith

13. Esmerelda of Notre Dame: The Gypsy Girl in Medieval View from Hugo to Disney
Allison Craven

14. Reality Remixed: Neomedieval Princess Culture in Disney’s Enchanted
Maria Sachiko Cecire

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