Monday, September 10, 2012

Corporate Medievalism on Screen

Catching up:

The latest number of Studies in Medievalism, entitled Corporate Medievalism, includes a number of essays devoted to medieval subjects on screen. Complete contents at

Essays of interest to blog readers include:

2 Lives of Total Dedication? Medieval and Modern Corporate Identity (M. J. Toswell)
3 Reincorporating the Medieval: Morality, Chivalry, and Honor in Post-Financial-Meltdown Corporate Revisionism (Kevin Moberly and Brent Moberly)
4 Medievalism and Representations of Corporate Identity (KellyAnn Fitzpatrick and Jil Hanifan)
5 Knights of the Ownership Society: Economic Inequality and Medievalist Film (Harry Brown)
6 A Corporate neo-Beowulf: Ready or Not, Here We Come (E. L. Risden)

11 The Cinematic Sign of the Grail (J. Rubén Valdés Miyares)
12 Destructive Dominae: Women and Vengeance in Medievalist Film (Felice Lifshitz)
13 Neomedievalism Unplugged (Pamela Clements and Carol L. Robinson)

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