Thursday, July 25, 2013

Contents for Beowulf on Film

According to WorldCat here are the contents for Haydock and Risden's Beowulf on Film: Adaptations and Variations due out from McFarland this fall:

Introduction-a Freud complex and the problem of Beowulf in film / E.L. Risden --

Film theory, the sister arts tradition and the cinematic Beowulf / Nickolas Haydock --

The cinematic commoditization of Beowulf: The serial fetishizing of a hero / E.L. Risden --

Making sacrifices / Nickolas Haydock --

The hero, the mad male Id, and a feminist Beowulf: the sexualizing of an Epic / E.L. Risden --

Dragon, where art thou? "othering" in Beowulf films / E.L. Risden --

Meat puzzles: Beowulf and the horror film / Nickolas Haydock --

Our man Beowulf: Bowra, Ker, and the contemporary struggle with heroism / E.L. Risden --

Conclusion-the postmodern Beowulf / Nickolas Haydock.

In addition, in terms of cataloging, the book is listed solely as Beowulf -- Film adaptations; this is unfortunate, for it fails to link to the larger range of scholarship on medievalisms on screen.

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